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Friday, June 9, 2017

Camino 2017 June 8 Day 11 Day in Santiago

Today we had planned a free day in Santiago. We made a lazy start to the day and then went down the hill to the pilgrim office to get our compostelas (certificate of completing a Camino). We had to wait an hour in line but then we were next in line and received our certificates.


We heard that it was possible to take a tour of the roof of the cathedral so we signed up for a tour at 1:00 pm. 
Next we stopped at one of the many local restaurants for some breakfast before returning to the apartment to continue with our laundry. There is a washing machine but we seem to have difficulty opening the door when a load is finished. Helen finally figured it out but not before we had played with it for quite a while.we then hung our washing out on the washing line outside the kitchen window but 3 stories above the ground and hoped it would not blow down into a pit below! 

Soon it was time for the roof tour so a 5 minute walk back to the cathedral. And we were led up a staircase that wound up one of the two main towers at the East end of the cathedral. 
Across to the other side on a wide stone walkway above the nave we could look down at the people in the nave below



Then up again in the tower and out onto the stone covered roof. We walked across the sloping blocks of stone and sat for a talk on the history and design of the building. 


The view down on the roof of the cloisters below and across the city was amazing. 


These are the two main towers. The left one contains the bells and the right one has a rattle which is only used on Good Friday signifying death. 


Up over the top of the apse to see down on to the square below.  


Here are the cloisters from the roof of the cathedral. This a tour well worth doing. 


Then back home to hang out the rest of the washing. Helen is at our window



The apartment is excellent with two bedrooms a bathroom and a kitchen / living room. It has all we need at an excellent price. The location is in the old town pedestrian area so very convenient. 



We worked on our blogs for a while before heading down to look for somewhere for dinner. It looked and felt like rain and we found a nice place where could sit outside under cover and enjoyed our first meal with just the two of us since our first day on the Camino. It never did rain however. 


Back to the hotel to sort our stuff and arrange for a box to leave some things in Santiago that we won't need on our way to Finisterre. 

We tried for an early night but noise and shouting outside on the street kept us awake for a while. 

Tomorrow we will set out for Finisterre and more adventures. 

Good night


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  1. The roof tour is really captivating. i love the view of the cloister!

    When we next meet, remind me to ask what you left behind. It seems you were traveling so light I cannot imagine what is now irrelevant.

    Be safe.