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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Camino 2017 Day 8 - June 5 -- Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

First let me update yesterday evening. We had walked a long way and wanted to find somewhere close for dinner. The albergue is right next to the train station and we had heard that the restaurant there was quite good. In fact it worked out well. They even offered a "Peregrino Menu". There were 5 of us. Two from Holland, Ricardo from Spain and Helen and I. 

The food was good with 3 courses and wine for €7.50 each. We had a good time and were able to get an early night. 


The night was quiet in our room and both slept well. We woke up at about 6:15 and after taking our time getting ready we were out of the albergue at about 7:00. 
Since we were in a larger town we decided to try and find somewhere open for breakfast. Some said that since today was still a holiday everything would be closed. Others felt that some of the cafés would be open even this early. Helen chose to go with the group who really needed breakfast and went the station café. I went with those willing to take a chance and hope for a nice patisserie. 
The risk takers won. There was a very nice café open in the town with every imaginable baked item to choose from. 
Here is my breakfast. 


We met up again in the town and here are a few photos. 
This is the Peregrina Church in the shape of a scallop shell

As we left the town we crossed over the roman bridge across the river. 

Soon we were out of the town and once again heading north through the countryside and small villages. 
The cemeteries here usually have above ground burials with several buried in a single tomb. 
The church was closed as usual. 


For much of today we were walking along the old Via Romana XIX with posts from time to time naming it. 
There are also regular markers showing the distance in km remaining before we arrive in Santiago. This one shows 53.005 km. 

There is one person traveling each day with her luggage on a trailor which she pulls behind her strapped on in similar way as a backpack. She has bad knees and this way she can travel on the rough trails with ease. She is traveling with her son and they are from Belgium. 

There are many streams we have to cross as well as rivers. Crossings come from stepping stones to granite stones laid on pillars to allow dry passage. 


We pass so many wayside crosses each day that I thought I would include a selection of some of those just from today. 


This one also had a statue of a pilgrim beside one of the buildings behind it. 

Still on the Via Romana XIX a few miles later this one shows 48.148 km. Quite often the old roman roads have been used to develop freeways or highways later will find ourselves back on the roman road. 


We arrive at our albergue at about 1:30. Rain is threatened for this afternoon and evening but we stay dry. In the end it doesn't come until about 6:30

Finally across another roman bridge to the albergue. 


We are in the town of Caldas de Reis where there are natural hot springs. Two of them are available in the town for anyone. At one location the water is too hot for comfort but another one it just right for treating sore feet. Several of us took advantage of the opportunity. 




Finally one more cross outside the church. 


This one included interesting figures

In the evening we went out to diner in a restaurant. There were 13 of us. The internet said it opened at 7:00 on the door it said 7:30 and finally someone came to open up at 7:45. Of course, this is Spain and who eats before 9:00 anyway!
It was a very nice evening mostly in English since most of the people there were American. 
It had started to rain when we left to go to the restaurant and continued most of night. The first rain we have seen. 

More of our adventure tomorrow. 


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  1. The cemetery looks interesting. We always visit old ones when we can on trips. We were really sorry to miss the Montmartre Cemetery in Paris – it closed just as we walked up to the gates.