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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Costa Rica - February 2013

Off on our trip to Costa Rica. This is also my first attempt at blogging so please be patient with me!

Helen and William picked us up and took us to the Nashville airport this morning for our flight to Miami. William was really upset when we got out of the car and did not take them along too.


Checking in was easy and we were relieved to find that we had not made the same mistake as some friends of ours on a recent trip to Costa Rica. When they got to the airport they found that their tickets were to San Jose California, not San Jose Costa Rica. They had to wait two days for a new flight.


However Helen found a solution


Thanks to all my travel before I retired we still have upgrades available and we were able to take advantage of them for free upgrades to business including lounges access. A cup of coffee and a snack were welcome as we seems that paper is no longer required to board a plane. Even boarding passes are electronic on our phones

Time for some lunch (sushi) in Miami and then an on-time connection to San José


Arrived on time after a good 3 hour flight. Immigration and customs quick and easy. Car to hotel waiting and checked in to room. Took a walk around the block but dark and not much to see so we settled for tapas and beer in the bar at the hotel..

Tomorrow is luggage outside the room at 6:30 so we will have an early night.