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Monday, June 5, 2017

Camino 2017 Day 7 June 4. - Mos to Pontevedra

First I should say that we had a fun evening with dinner together. There were 8 of us. 1 Spain, 1 Germany, 2 Holland, 2 Belgium, Helen and Me. 
We ate at Flora's across the street from the albergue with each of us ordering their own dish rather than a peregrino menu. I ordered chiperones (baby squid) which were delicious. 



After a relatively quiet night we started moving at 6:00 and were on our way at about 6:30. There didn't seem to be any rustling and banging before that for a change. 
We did not have food with us for breakfast and hoped to find a café open somewhere by the road. But is is Pentecost Sunday and everything was firmly closed. Not a cup of coffee to be found. 
Then we caught up with the Belgiian mother and son who had come across a panadaria (bakery) with baking bread smells coming from it. They rang the bell and bought a fresh, still warm, loaf of crusty bread. We arrived soon after and they shared it with each of us tearing off pieces until it was all gone. It was delicious!


We continued on with several climbs and descents today. After being in the forest for a while we suddenly came out into an opening and had a beautiful view of  the Vigo river estuary. 


Further it opened up even more


We had not really decided how far we would walk today and about 11:30 we decided to stop for lunch in Alcarde. We sat outside looking over the water where Helen had a bocadillo with cheese and Serrano ham and I had a mixed salad with tuna. We were hungry after several hours of walking with climbs along the way and then good enough to continue towards Pontevedra. 

Soon after leaving the restaurant we came to a roman bridge. Very impressive and worth some photos. 



One more significant climb and then down towards Pontevedra.  By now we had been on the road for nearly 8 hours and our pace had slowed considerably. As we're getting close to Pontevedra we passed this chapel dedicated to St. Marta XVII 
it was of the few churches or chapels that we found open.  It was very well maintained and welcoming. . 



Finally we arrived at albergue after a long tiring day where we walked about 30 Km. 

I'm still waiting for photos from dinner so I'll try and upload what I have and add to tomorrow's blog. 

Good night



  1. Is this where we missed the new bit of trail and walked along the busy road?

  2. The food looks wonderful. The company looks wonderful. The views look wonderful. Even the bridge looks wonderful. I am so happy for you two!

  3. I’d like to try that squid. Never had a squid or octopus dish that I didn’t like! All the food you’ve pictured looks so good – you must work up quite an appetite during the day!