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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Camino 2017 Day 6 - June 3 Tui to Mos

We were out of the albergue at about 6:30 as it was beginning to get light. We needed to use our flashlights to find the yellow arrow trail markers until we had left the town but from then on there was enough light and our eyes had got used to it.
Here we passed a church and convent as we left Tui

We passed a medieval bridge before entering the woods for a while


An old roman bridge still withe ruts in the stones worn by several centuries of of the wheels of roman chariots and carts. 


Here was a memorial to San Telmo who died of a fever on his way home from a pilgrimage to Santiago. The bridge has been named The Bridge of Fevers" but it is clearly not the original bridge. It is a boggy place so they might well have had sicknesses like malaria in that place. 


Christa might remember this section of walking along a narrow stone path with grapes on one side and water on the other. 


It took a long time for us to find a café that was open but finally we came to La Taberna after almost 3 hours of walking!  Two cups of coffee and a croissant later we set off again both of us feeling much better. 

We arrived next in the town of O Porriño. An industrial town with many factories. We had decided not to stay there but heard a band playing. We investigated and they were having a "Bread Festival", music by what I assume was the local town band and stalls selling bread, ham, wine and some other goodies. 
It was fun and we stayed for a short while listening to the band and sampling some of the products (just like at Costco!).


Then it was back on the trail. We stopped again for another refreshment  on our way to the small village of Mos. 
Christa and I had stayed here in 2015 and we had a lot of fun with the owner, Flora. I introduced myself and she recalled the incident and we laughed again. Helen translated to Spanish which she does very well and makes life much less complicated for me. 


I am really proud of Helen and very happy that we are able to make this journey together. Father daughter time on a Camino is a great blessing and we are both loving the time together. 

During the time walking we find ourselves alone but we then run into others we have met at earlier stops and it is great to share experiences and knowledge with them. Tonight we will have a very friendly couple from Holland, a mother son from Belgium and a lady from Germany and probably others. 

Urgent update! Snakes have been found under the stairs up our dorm room. Problem: I have to go past them to pick up my socks and underwear from where they have blown down since I hung them out to dry after washing them! 


Success! I survived the perilous task so can continue to blog. My biggest challenges on a Camino are missing wifi and snakes! The rest of life is so easy. So happy that life is so simple on the Camino


Good night all and check for snakes when you go to bed!


  1. Um, maybe I should Camino through Ireland........

  2. I agree with my husband. NO SNAKES in my paradise! How nice to have someone with you who speaks Spanish!