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Friday, June 2, 2017

Camino 2017 Day 5 June 2 - Rubiães to Tui

This was another great day with perfect hiking weather even if the sun hid behind high fog. We got on the way early as usual. Our path would take across the border from Portugal into Spain where we would adjust our watches to the different time zone and lose one hour. 

However, the wifi in the albergue didn't work and the ones in the bars were too slow uploading pictures. Now it is afternoon of June 3 as I try and catch up so it will only be a short explanation of the photos. The rest will have to stay as a vague memory but it was a great day with more downhill than climbing! 

We started with a climb that took us across another roman bridge. They certainly knew how to build them to last!  We come across a couple of them every day

The trail went alongside a stream that is a barrier built to make a mill stream which ran beside our trail. It was all very peaceful with the sound of the birds and the rushing water. 


Does anyone know what these are?  They look like fuchsias but not quite. 


As we were about to leave Portugal we walked through the old Fortaleza. A fort built to defend the country from attack by Spain across the Minho river. It is now a tourist trap with plenty of souvenirs offered. I recognized the store where Christa and I had got our first "sellos" stamps in our pilgrim passports and Christa had got a scallop shell to hang on her backpack. They still have them hanging outside if you look closely. 


Then across the river via the International Bridge from Valença do Minho Portugal to Tui Spain. Here is a view across the river with the Tui cathedral up on the hill. Our albergue is next to the cathedral so we still have a nice climb after we have crossed the river. 


Here I am about to cross from Portugal into Spain




The view from the roof of the cathedral. 


In the evening we went out to dinner with the Pennsylvania group and several others. It was again a fun evening. 


  1. Already in Spain! What fun. Buen Camino friend. Mike and Ruth.

  2. I’m trying to put my mind around walking on something that was built by the Romans. Incredible.